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L'atelier d'Aditi

L'atelier d'Aditi

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L'atelier d'Aditi

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Blog de couture ; couture japonaise ; création de sac ; sacs et accessoires ; sacs en tissu japonais ; pochettes en tissu japonais ; création couture ; vie d'une couturière ; japan couture addicts
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Site/blog proposé par : Aditi - Ville : CHARENTON LE PONT

Location : 94220 - VAL DE MARNE

Tags Blog : creation couture couture japonaise atelier aditi

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L'atelier d'Aditi

Saiph Tunic

Here are some pictures of my Saiph Tunic that I finished a few months ago. I just love this tunic and wear it all the time. The pattern is from Papercut patterns. It's the first time that I've made something for myself and didn't have to adjust the pattern. This pattern is just perfect and I highly recommend it, even if you are a beginner. I made it in size xxs.  What I like about this

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Winter is coming! Part 4 : Toast

A quick and easy project : Toast, available on Ravelry for free. Un projet rapide et facile à réaliser : Toast, disponible gratuitement sur Ravelry Pattern/ patron : Toast Yarn/ laine : Dream in Color Starry Needles/ aiguilles : 3mm

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Winter is coming! Part 3 : Rikke hat

Everyone needs a good hat for winter and the Rikke hat is just the thing. When paired with Madelinetosh DK this hat is just perfect. I made my first Rikke hat a few years ago but unfortunately I lost it in Paris in January. I quickly knitted theses two up to be sure to always have one. The pictures were taken in the North of Brittany at Plougescrant and my daughter insisted on modeling

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I finally finished the famous Datura from Deer and Doe this summer. This is a great pattern, I have absolutely no complaints to make. Except that I don't know why I didn't make one earlier. I've had this pattern for about two years. For once I didn't have to redo the whole pattern. Most of the time I have to make several adjustements to the patterns to fit me but this time the fit is

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Winter is coming! Part 2 : Coler Mitts

  Hot off my needles ... Coler Mits by Stephen West. I just love them. Pattern : Coler by Stephen West available on Ravelry Yarn : Dulcimer DK from l'OisiveThé  

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Winter is coming! Part1 : Tiny Tea Leaves

Summer has come and almost gone and now it's time to think about your winter knitting. The Tiny Tea Leaves cardigan is a very easy knit and accessible to beginners. If you are considering knitting your first top down seamless knit, this pattern is for you. It also exists in an adult version. I made one many moons ago. I finished this one in December and it still fits my daughter. What I

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La jupe 30 minutes

Aujourd'hui je vous explique comment réaliser une jupe en 30 minutes. Oui, 30 minutes chrono. J'ai récupéré mon tissus d'un haut en Liberty que j'ai réalisé il y 5 ans. Pour faire le jupe, il vous faut : du tissus : 50cm x 110cm (j'ai utilisé du Liberty Tatum) de l'élastique 2cm de large du fils assortie au tissus et votre machine à coudre Réalisation du jupe : plis le tissus en deux

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Depuis peu il y a une nouvelle mode sur le blogoshpère ... l'art d'enfiler les perles et de l'assumer! Pour celles parmi vous qui se promènent souvent sur Instagram, vous avez peut-être vu cet hashtag "#jenfiledesperlesetjassume"! Je vous conseille d'y aller faire un tour, il y a une galerie de très jolis creations : de quoi vous donner, à vous aussi, l'envie d'enfiler des perles! Le

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Gathering Stripes

So I haven't been blogging much lately but I'm still here. The days somehow seems to be getting shorter or maybe I have so much to do! I've been very busy this past month, trying lots of new things that I will tell you about later, and finally finishing all my works in progress. For those of you who would like to know what I get up to everyday, you can now follow me on Instagram with

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Happy Easter / Joyeuse Pâques

Just a little bit of sewing and crochet for my kids for Easter. Quelques bricoles coussu et crocheté pour mes enfants pour Paques. free crochet pattern available here patron disponible ici Bunny pouches: I just added some ears and embroidered a face onto one of my existing patterns

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Baby Kimo

Baby Kimo for a friend's baby. I finished and offered this in December and I'm sure he's outgrown it by now. Baby Kimo pour le fils d'une copine. Je l'ai terminé et offerte en décembre et je suis sûre que ça doit être trop petit maintenant pour lui. Pattern/ modèle: Baby Kimo by Kids Tricot Yarn/ Laine: Pigeon Roof Studios Sport

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Je fais une petite destockage dans ma boutique: -40% avec Le code holiday. Making place for new stuff, -40% in the shop with the code holiday.

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Moroccan Nights

Moroccan Nights, my new favourite sweater. I finished this one a few weeks ago and I'm very pleased with the way it all tuned out. This was a very tricky textured knit: double moss stitch, increases, decreases and cables all at the same time. I had to write everything down and keep notes of what I was doing. I got stuck at one stage because I misplaced my little notebook and didn't know what I

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Today I had another post programmed to wish you all a Happy New Year but in light of the recent event in Paris,it just doesn't seem right to blog about anything or to make as if nothing happened. So ...

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I haven't had much time to blog lately, lots of knitting, sewing, new projects and many trips to Paris.  I've been trying to finish all my works in progress by the end of the year. I still have 2 days to go and it looks like I might just obtain my objectif.  In a previous post, I was working on 3 projects. I finished my Avalon, which was a gift for someone. My Moroccan Nights is blocking at

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Dinosaures grrrrrrrrrrrrr !

I made these dinosaures for my son's birthday party. The kids we're delighted and all the dinosaures got new homes. Due to many requests on facebook, I made a new batch of dinosaures and some of them are for sale on my facebook page. J'ai fabriqué ces dinosaures pour l'anniversaire de mon fils. Les enfants étaient ravis et tous les dinosaures ont trouvés une nouvelles maison. Suite à plusieurs

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Holiday knitting

Tiny Tea leaves, Moroccan nights, Avalon

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Mistral gagnante

I finished this a few weeks ago. I love it but it needs a bit of work around the armholes to make it perfect. There is just something about this pattern that doesn't work for me. I'm not sure if it's the pattern or me. I will either make a Wiksten tank or use the top of the Lucie dress by RDC to be sure. J'ai terminé ce haut il y a quelques semaines. je l'adore mais il y a juste une petite

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Mistral bis#

Pour ne pas rester sur une échec, j'ai retenté le fameux Mistral de Marie et je suis ravie du résultat. Mon premier Mistral, qui cherche toujours une nouvelle dressing - donc si vous êtes intéressez laisser moi une commentaire, était beaucoup trop grande pour moi. Le "V" dans le dos était beaucoup trop bas et les bretelles glissé de mes épaules. J'ai fait les modifications suivantes pour

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Youpi c'est la rentrée!

Aujourd'hui, j'ai enfin eu un peu de temps de coudre une petite trousse pour Surya qui reclame une trousse "en multi-colore" depuis que j'ai acheté ce tissus enduit au Salon CSF l'année dernier. Pour la rentrée l'année dernier, j'ai déjà coussu une petite trousse pour lui (le rouge dans les photos) mais je n'étais pas tout à fait contente des couturse visible à l'interieur du trousse. J'ai

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